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Perfect Imperfect paradox

/ 3 min read

I have to invert.

We have to invert.

The way one feels is, so gushingly turbulent from inside, a whirlpool of mixed bland emotions.

One feels upset one instant, then one wants to smile, then one feels powerful.

How come a train of thought get’s so spectrally diverse, however the moment one starts to jot the rail

lines for the thoughts to give their expression written on the blank white screen gives one the momentary

excitement of tasting the present, and then the train derails, teleporting in the whirlpool of time, which

lands one anywhere. One inherently feels the need to stay in the present, however the mind seems to be turbulent enough to not let that happen. How interesting that, whatever one writes, can access the blueprint of time, striped out naked in front of. It’s raw depiction, as it is.

One always wants to escape the present, why is that so, can we try inverting it.

Q1: Why would one not want to stay in the present.

A: Because it barren, empty, bland. The mother of all excitement, potential lies right in front of us to be yielded by our present self, which is as much perfect as the situation demands us to be.

Then why is that bridge between the excitement, potential get rotten into the dread of loneliness, defeat and hopelessness. The writer asks oneself, what is that shift which causes that to happen.

Expectations, neediness, to shift to another reality. But why would one not address the raw blank chaos right in front of. Because we want something back in return for what we give, why do we want something back in return. The answer is there in the question. It comes from addressing, “Why do we”, as “want” can only exist if there’s some entity which desires that. What is that entity, that we address with the “we”. It’s the consciousness or for a lack of better word, “the self” demanding something back in return.

Why would the self want something back, is it because it lost it or desires it, what is it not.

When would the self not want something. It would not want something when it know it’s full or complete, which in a way it knows that it’s full, complete, perfect. Then why all these endless games of acting as if the self was incomplete, why those games. Is it because it let’s the xyz inflict pain on the the perfect with us.

Why the xyz want to hurt or inflict pain on the the perfect.

What are the reasons why it would not hurt the perfect.

Because they are friends, they know each other well. They accept each others flaws.

When it knows it really is not separate from the perfect.

Because it’s imperfect and feels bad in front of it.

Because it knows it’s perfect and nothing can destabilise it.

When xyz knows that it to is perfect and not separate from the entity that it wants to hurt.

How can the gap be bridged. Between the perfect and xyz.

Balance, the perfect becomes imperfect and the imperfect becomes perfect.