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Jack Butcher on Leverage

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  • vv started as a service business
  • After I had broken out of the environment and be more interested in developing a better understanding of my business and the world and the way things actually work as opposed to way things work when you are embedded in a system that is, where all the variables are outside your control, that’s where is that the idea of visualize value came from is, there are so many of these ideas that i am reading about and implementing, are so high leverage and transformational, that at the very least I can help other people find and consume these ideas and maybe leverage them, that’s like increasing the velocity of these high leverage useful ideas is the mission

ig - your own transformation as an individual kind of feeds into vv is producing

idea of leverage and network effects, that starts to come into play when you exper the resonance of a piece of content that you put up, or an idea that you can reach to 50k people and the way in which you can produce digital assets that workk for you even after they have been produced is like this mental shift, that completely changes the way you think about, how you spend your time, where you spend your time

leverage in terms of building things which have zero marginal cost of replication and the compounding effect of producing on social

the nuance of the network effect on twitter

the exponential effect of the reach of an asset on twitter is completely different

one node in the network can actually explode an idea

twitter open space, building in public

deeps - open spaces and sharing always triumphs

building in public proof of work

monetize something you are curious about graphics designer degree + 5 jobs whhere you have to articulate these random concepts

dep- expose self to different reagents, then your unique properties come to

permissionless apprenticeships

the ability to produce anything of value, for somebody that you admire whether that gets you in introduction with them or helps you develop a skill that helps attracting people that may be a littleb it behind them in terms ofnotoriety in the market or position x

vv in early days crediting people whose idea i leveraged , naval, nassim, james + adding value doing some labour on behalf of somebody else essentually publishing that work

reverse influence - you can coast off of these incredible reputations that exist, like add value to them tap into some of their netwrok effects and let the stream carry you , if you are adding value and able to get your stuff right in front of the people then it’s just a matter of time, before the opportunities you want show up

eg: i reached out to himm so Eric you releasing this book, no pressure , you don’t have to respond if you don’t want, here’s some illustrations that i did if you want to put them in the book give me a shot, couple of weeks later he messaged, we got on the phone and we are in there now

for eg, you can produce ideas from ideas on 100 greatest thinkers which could get you job working on the local investment bank as social media manager or whatever

99% people are waiting behind this permission barrier that doesn’t exist

igor - everything that i havve ever got has come from a cold email i have never gotten an offer for an interview through a regular application process ever

hhow uust through the internet you don’t even need to meet the person anymore and you could both be influenced by one guy naval, in disparate ways and now you are producing a body of work ,


increasing the velocity of these high leverage useful ideas

reverse influence - you can coast off of these incredible reputations that exist, like add value to them tap into some of their network effects and let the stream carry you

reverse influence -