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Spotify: Integrity in design UX

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Most of these deals would have resulted in the wrong user experience and I’ve done my best to stop them where they didn’t make sense.

Your design is clean, elegant, tight, and fast

You nailed the core experience around which everything else can later be built.

I’ve waited nearly a decade for a product that could match the standard set by Napster on three counts:

(1) convenience (2) speed/responsiveness (3) sampling/discovery of music

My plan for Napster was to build a fully social music discovery and browsing product.

At Napster, I never got a chance to implement any of these really interesting second generation social features. We were stuck with our rudimentary first generation product. The interface we built was “utilitarian”

The fact that you have a client and P2P capability will allow you to someday unlock all of this content

A big part of Napster was the joy of discovering various remixes, live recordings and other obscurities that copyright owners have literally lost track of.