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The power of versioning

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The power of Versioning

(CS approach to compounding)

Yes, there are $N$ Number of articles, books and posts on compounding and why does one have to take out the time to write one more article on it.

Because, Complexity. Not one post alone, nor a finite number of posts can ever achieve to gain victory over simplifying this amazing yet elegant concept of Compounding.

Viewing and attacking such a high dimensional concept from various axes is the only way to either

  1. Gain a new ‘Aha!’ understanding OR

  2. Discard how the new axis was particularly not useful to the reader and hope they find a new favourite axis somewhere else.

And when one says compounding to be a high dimensional concept, it’s only because such

non linear, geometric growth, exponential based concepts don’t etch in our primitive

hardware minds which likes to see things in a linear, arithmetic, low dimensional way.

Rethink compounding.

How about this, we version the activities, like v0.1, v0.2, v0.3 and so on and so forth.

After every 10th hit, we level up our version.

A 100th level version is far fluidic and gallops as compared to the v0.2th iteration. For me versioning sticks.

Versioning involves compounding however it does not shock the user in terms of seeing the end objective’s grand mountainous vision, however it demands to get started with the smallest achievable step and version it while saving the last status of it.

The next time one picks up the state they can restore the session and version a higher upgrade.

All the while just deeply observing and interacting in that state’s version and nothing ever more matters.

If a framework can enable us to solve the nitty gritty details of providing a space to version our goals, save end state and log it, that would be great.

So how can one live that in spirit and accomplish the mission and visions in their life.

It’s by out-rightly starting out with a very base working prototype, because we don’t always find the perfect idea, the perfect start, the perfect friend and many other aspects in life, they are always versioned.

They start raw, untamed, imperfect and it’s always in the means towards being that we keep on improving, again they never reach perfection, but their journey continues, improving by version after version, we reach a much refined idea, a much user friendly product, a much better friend.

What matters is despite the odds you continue to stay in love, stay interested, stay in a job, it’s hard, the void looks upfront in your eyes, meaninglessness stares, despite all that we gotta stay and keep on versioning.

At the core of versioning lies genuine observation and much deeper lies interaction with the real world. Because at the core the real world provides feedback and with every feedback the system inherently finds advantage than a system which lacks it.

Just thinking is an example of a process which lacks feedback, thinking and interacting (building a prototype, simulating, versioning) is fully loaded with feedback.

The choice is ours to whether just to think or to think and version.

Not Coherent

post itself is a direct outcome of versioning and does not flesh out the idea to what one understands and what one has conveyed and which deserve versions of their own.

[diag req]

So many times, one feels a sense of lacking in the self, because despite reading many self help books one is not able to intuitively integrate a concept in their lens, of how they view and interact with the world.

This post acts as a one in a series (possibly) to give a shot to integrate these abstract concepts, which if done correctly will help us in seeing things in a non-linear, geometric and natural way and take maximum leverage because of their abundant applications in this single player game called life.