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Money as an instrument of change

/ 3 min read

  • 20K INR

Means there is 20 thousand rupees worth of change that can be bought in our environment

  • 20L INR

  • 20CR INR

  • slow, compound, long term

    • especially relationships
  • Ni will (order)

    • insinuate your Ni will globally
  • psychological startup under the shell

  • you’ve the capital, then it can be aligned with your plans

  • neither do we have plans, nor capital

    • more reading and writing
  • chart a plan for mix of intense long term + instant short term

    • consumption
  • whose thoughts we consume are supremely important

  • influence of bold risk takers

    • the integrity
    • the character
    • the respect

Lying on bed

does being rich or poor matter ?

  • How much ever rich or poor that you may be, ultimately you sleep with your own naked body. You are as much nude as when you are rich or when your poor.

  • So the things that can mortally stay with you until your transit to the graveyard are

    • a body that you keep fit by moving your body as much as possible
    • a mind that you know how to be with and is your best ally
    • It’s as simple as that
  • Then from the mind that’s your ally, all you need to do is double down on your strengths and being genuinely true to your self as to where your area of competence resides, because my friend

    • self deceit is easy

    • for example, since a long time, and even now, I find it hard to not mention that I am coder, even though the time that I put in that endeavor is minuscule.

New perspective on wasting time

  • on a cellular level

  • energy level

  • enjoying level

  • What does wasting time mean ?

    • It means to be misaligned with collective notion of what being productive means as a whole to the society.

    • The clash between what the society wants you to do and what you actually do.

    • In subscribing to what the society wants you to do, you are deemed to be not wasting time, although paying a hefty price of tormenting your own individuality in utter silence.

  • what person I am right now,

    • I will be at 20
    • I will be at 40
    • I will be at 60
    • I will be at 80

Meaningful work not important

  • impatient with actions, patient with results by naval returns back

  • message delivered to us in dreams

the flash was, ”it’s really not important to do meaningful work, because at any point in time, all work seems and is useless, so go and do things which aren’t meaningful” and mainly so because, as we start interacting with the world around us, the things that are yet not precisely articulated in our minds, can be compared relatively with experience that you are having, how much ever you try to come up with the ideal plan, you cannot avoid mishappenings.

  • take for example Elon working on PayPal or Larry working at Sun microsystems, or some one working at FB, it’s only when one is exposed to such events, that is when the innate vision that one has gets to be tested, if it mixes along continue, if not, you know what not to do. So just act.