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What is life without friends

/ 1 min read

What is life, if it were not for our friends. From waking up to, enjoying, to solving mental confusions. They are there to help you out.

Is there any greater asset than friendship, yet so trivial and easy to neglect.

Cherish as long as you have them, for they all will be gone soon, one by one. Their joy matters.

For there will be time enough to bear the loneliness of life. As king solomon says, for every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heaven.

Why do you want to pave the path to brave the loneliness out of your own will, when a proper time has been allocated for it.

For what makes this moment bearable, makes that moment bearable too.

So call, speak, show up to each and every friend of yours, for that is where life abounds all along.

Cherish them. Cherish them. Cherish them.