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Use inversion to find your purpose

/ 1 min read

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”- Blaise Pascal

Today after having gone through the un satisfyingly satisfying ordeal of mindlessly spending time on this planet’s so called network called the Internet.

One has come out stronger and more resolute in purpose to the realisation that.

Yes, it’s not necessary to live in the present, however much necessary is to zoom out of the current timeline, plan the next year or so and then live consciously in present in accordance to the plan.

Wherein we know the present actions counts towards some grand plan, a plan created by us.

Then there’s satisfying joy that, yes, the space continuum feels a bit in our control and we can adapt accordingly based on the moments notice.

So ever if you feel lost in the present, invert and think of the timeline, zoom out and then act in the present, ever more vibrantly.