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How to speak effectively

/ 1 min read

  • empowerment promise, what they should know by the end of the hour
  • Cycling the idea
  • building a fence around the cycle, what our idea is and is not
  • verbal punctuation
  • Ask a question
  • use boards, props
  • slides
    • do not read
    • be in the image
    • keep images simple
    • eliminate clutter
  • showing up front what takeaway will be there
  • candidate (acceptance decided in 5 minites)
    • has vision
    • has done things
  • make work recognised
    • have a symbol
    • have a slogan
    • have a surprise
    • have a salient idea
    • have a story
      • how you did it
      • how it works
      • hows it’s important
  • final slide - Contributions
  • possibly end with a joke or
    • it’s been great fun being here, it’s fascinating to see what you folks do.