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Hamon the energy on breathing

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Mon Aug 22 23:49:53 IST 2022

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, episode 4

Jojo meditates calmly under water

Zeipelli says, “Hamon energy comes from the flow of one’s own blood.”

He continues, “The waves created by Hamon are the same as waves of sunlight”

While training he continues,

“Listen Jojo, Breathing affects your blood. The oxygen in your blood affects your body’s cells. Your cells are your body. Like ripples in the water, breathing properly creates Hamon in your body. And that creates energy

“Jojo, do not break the rhythm of your breathing”, “Hamon energy is sensitive to emotional disturbances”

“Jojo, this method of thinking is key. First you must consider the situation from the enemy’s viewpoint.”

“Jojo, here’s one more lesson. Flea, a minuscule insect, right ? Despite their size, they see fit to challenge towering humans. Should that be called courage? I don’t believe so. So what is courage? Courage must know fear and make fear its own! , Fear upsets breathing! Conquer fear and your breath will never fail you!” Hamon breathing comes from courage! A good human is a brave human!

“Courage is a marvel of humanity!, Though powerful, zombies do not know courage! They are just like fleas!”

Then comes a situation when the zombie, runs away into the dark.

Zeipelli says, “It has to be done, but Jojo will do it alone”

“One last lesson, Jojo, In the land of Norway, they say the north wind created the Vikings.”

Jojo, has the I will do it spirit always.

Jojo is in darkness.

Jojo, “First I have to think like the enemy. He must be close. Next I have to make fear my own. I will control my breath. The harsh wind from the Arctic ocean gave birth to the mighty Vikings, In other words challenges can create opportunities.”

“The hamon goes through the glass, my arm, the ground…, I can feel his vibrations! My spirit trembles up! I’m burning up! Pierce this wall. ”