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Thinking in a flat, neutral manner

/ 2 min read

So when you walk, there are thoughts that enter your mind.

Some thoughts, are just above your viewing angle.

Some thoughts, are just below your viewing angle.

Some thoughts, are just flat, in tune with the base ground.

Now when I say,

“that thoughts are above our viewing angle”, I mean,

that this is just a thought, that’s going overboard in our mind,

there’s no tested, hardcover proof that thought actually is verified by reality.

Example, if a mice is walking in a nice, mice restaurant,

the mice starts to think, are these other mice seeing how my tail looks like,

are they thinking if my whiskers are not orderly, and yada yada yada.

So in this context, I say the mice is thinking above it’s viewing angle.

The thoughts, are not verifiably vetted by reality, there’ no actual feedback

from any other mice, confirming that, yes his/her whiskers are not orderly.

When I say,

“that thoughts are below our viewing angle”, I mean,

not enough thought power has been vested in the endeavour that we are to undertake.

It’s baseless living, with no awareness and forethought.

When I say,

“some thoughts, are just flat, in tune with the base ground”, I mean,

it’s such an attuned state of movement, doesn’t matter if you are

moving or standing still, it’s the swift movement of awareness,

where you are absorbing the reality as is, 100%, without the filter of the mind.

Things are super clear and you are highly aware, you just act, there’s no “YOU” for,

you yourself to slingshot any comments on your self. You are outward directed,

you don’t respond, you react. Your are the one with the surrounding.

Now in order to exist in such flat thinking, that requires a level of

experience, exposure to the reality that’s always in movement.

For me it is travelling that brings in such experiences, because it tells me,

that if during any moment of my travel, if I start thinking above my viewing angle,

or if don’t think at all, looking at the lower viewing angle, then I fall prey

to the circumstance. Howver, if I am at my flat level thinking, not thinking too much

that it slows me down, or not thinking at all which leads to dumb outcomes, I am just

accepting what is, being aware, with a highly active mind, utilizing all the knowledge

that I came prepared with. There’s no layer of the mind, that subjectively hypes up

or undervalues the incoming stumuli. We just act.