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Ending of fear

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Some after thoughts that need to be processed after listening to the talk mentioned1.

First the speaker starts with the question of

What is fear ?

Is it that fear’s response is instinctive or born of intelligence.

Fear takes place only in relation.

Why do we control ourselves ?

why is there division at all why is

there this desire of one wanting to

control the rest

Who is the controller and the controlled ?

What is the part in the psyche that places itself at a higher position ?

Much clear question would be, why is there a separation in the first place ?

Why do we want to control ?

There is a desire to overcome disorder.

Why do you meditate, do breathing, do yoga, attend sermons and all that, Why so that you are able to better control yourself, when the moment arise ? Is that why you do it.

Disorder is :

I want to be fit, but the desire to eat tasty food is there. Then there comes control.

Control in order to remove disorder, but disorder’s signal only come’s when there’s the intelligence which signals if not controlled, situation will deteriorate. The being becomes sensitive.

But if a being or organism is sensitive, aware then it has no need to control itself because it knows what it wants, so there comes no question of control.

if the mind has no need of control

it means the mind has to be

extraordinary sensitive watchful

He poses question that are we all asleep ?

We are all asleep because of fear within us.

Because we know, that if we address our fear we will have to let go our safety in our beliefs, culture, society and so on. So we prefer to be asleep.

Then come some more serious and heart touching and provoking questions.

There is a child. He is deep asleep. How do you wake him up. He is extremely insensitive of the ants, the trees, the plants and so on. How do you wake him up.

Some answer by saying showing the child various things, by awareness, by giving him pain/reward.

can you waken a child if you have no

love for the child

No, but by establishing a relationship with a child we can try understanding him from moment to moment so that we can wake him up. Understanding his fear, his pain, his happiness and observing him closely.

you want to establish a relationship

in which there is no sense of connection

no sense of punishment or reward you

establish it

Because there are two options, simply.

  1. Put your fear at the back recess of your mind and go to sleep.
  2. Invite and pull out that fear, put it out there and observe it closely, there will be a lot things that will come gushing out, but take them apart, tear them. Then there is the beginning of love, free out in the open.

to keep awake demand that you let

go to the things that you hold dear

it’s like a piece of Earth that

has been given to you ten acres have

been given to you say what’s it what can

I do with it and remain outside don’t

you want to cultivate it grow things on

it make it beautiful and rich it see the

beauty of shadow and light and trees

don’t you

what are you

doing with it

meditating breathing Yoga you follow

going from one thing to another doing


what have you done

sir you’ve lived 40 years 20 years 6

years 80 years what have one done with

it don’t you ever ask

discuss how to bridge the gulf between

the bridge observer and the observed


1.: Audio | J. Krishnamurti – Madras 1970 — Public Disc. 3 — To live in fear is to be asleep