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Dichotomy in nature.

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There’s always a dichotomy in nature.

If you need to go somewhere far, you need to get close

If you need to be a better person, you need to be the worst person first.

If you need to be a good writer, you need to be a bad writer first.

If you need a partner, you have to first lose a partner.

There’s always this summation to unity, that takes place.

Because there’s always place for only one thing and not more.

If you know for a fact that you are the former, then obviously one eludes it,

However if one knows they are in the latter category, they come to be the former.

The things we focus on, get out of our focus.

The things we demand, get out of our hand.

Nature gives it abundance to those who don’t want.

Here’s some list of inverted thinking along the trail.

If one needs to be a good coder, they need to be a bad coder first.

If one needs to have freedom, they need to give away their freedom

If one needs to have good health, they need to have bad health

If one needs to have money, they need to give money.

If one needs to have wealth, they need to give out wealth.

If one needs to have fame, they need to give up their fame,

If one wants to contribute something meaningful, they need to contribute something meaningless.

If one wants to lead and inspire people then one has to follow and demotivate people.

If one wants to change the world, then one has to bring order in the world.

If one wants to be productive, then one has to be unproductive first.

If one wants to make the best use of time, then one has to waste their time.

If one wants to connect with an individual deeply, one has to disconnect meeting all people lightly.

If one wants to bring a change in the mindset of all, then one has to maintain their mindset at all times.

This all later concots to the post of

“Less is more == Emptiness == Space == Silence == Nothingness”