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Content Being

/ 1 min read

What all would we do, be if there was no identity of ours attached to.

A system which rewards positive sum non identity based games and punishes games which point towards identity attachement.

What Can such incentives do to a social system ?

I am so full of myself, but at the same time we are more than that.

We need to delete, subtract, remove.

We want to connect, yet fear and abhor such places of emptiness,

Where there’s no sense of any lingering user, fears engender.

Connection is infinite within us.

Constantly are we told to connect without and not within.

Not to observe the game within, for that connects with all the digibeings.

We fear of getting our name out, but why commit the sin of not letting the content out.

For it does not belong to the name.

I need to wake up. We need to wake up. We will wake up.

Create, spread your content and be.