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Code and philosophy is codosophy

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Why to re-brand a new way of thought.

This lays the foundation of a way of thought, a way of code and more importantly a way of life.

Because one strongly feels the impinging closeness of a new techno-reality in which abstract coherent concentrated thoughts hold more value than anything else.

The base reality takes a back seat.

In such a reality it becomes maximally important that agents, if they choose to generate condensed trails of thought often referred to as code, be guided by a philosophy that is clearly defined.

The coders, referred to as thinkers in the past, armed with the responsibility of shaping their immediate surroundings and much beyond, have to be philosophers in their truest sense, because it ultimately means to be a human.

There always has to be a revival of the past that builds up on the old framework and refactors in new changes and Codosophy is the attempt to bring that revival.

A revival of Philosophy and thinking for the new age of reality altering coders.

What is Codosophy

Coder + Philosophy = Codosophy

These are the core maxims that form the directional compass of how an agent intends to explore this objective called life.

  • Wash yourself of yourself. Be like melting snow.

  • 80/20 rule.

  • we underestimate the amount of things to achieve in the long run

  • we overestimate the amount of things to do in a short term.

  • Less is more. Strive towards Emptiness.

  • Enlivement of purpose in the present moment is supreme.

  • Getting bored.

  • Unlearning what has been learned.

  • Continual refinement and versioning is the key.

  • Review is necessary.

  • A sprinkle of randomness always helps.