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Business learnings on the ground

/ 2 min read

We recently started selling parathas on the street, with my partner.

Here are my few learnings.

  1. Pivot fast, initially we were planning to sell from our cloud-kitchen home. Then customers started asking, where is our stall and what time. We immediately pivoted in one day to start selling items on the street.
  2. Consistency is king, momentum is business. Day 1 every customer is confused, what are they doing, what are they standing for. Day 2 people come and try. Day 3 they become familiar and they greet us. Day 4 they bring their friends and take big orders given quality is maintained. Can you see how much of it relies totally on being their daily. Business is to show up daily.
  3. Be kind and don’t lend a listening ear to everyone. Listen to those whose suggestions work There will be a lot of people who come and de-motivate you, tell you not to put stall here or there, many de-motivating things. Just go put your stall, do business and be back.
  4. Engage customers. Customers just don’t come to eat, they want to be a part of the gang, they want to chat, they want to share. Everyone just want s to have a good banter and want to know our story. Go out and engage, at least with the early customers!
  5. Share your story. People like to know what our story is and why we are doing, a good story always puts you in the storefront. People want to know it. The story or the conversation is what binds us all together.

After all, it’s important to have your time and enjoy the process!