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Build software that is User Data Fit

/ 2 min read

Few days ago I realized this idea, we create value by generating content with the help of AI. However there is also money to be made in converting a format to another useful format and earn money.

The main idea here it takes more enerygy to create than convert from one form to another.

It’s all about energy, you can ask money (energy) to convert one form of energy to another.

  • Generating summary of books requires generating content. This is an active activity. That’s more energy.
  • Transforming a format of information, from let’s say excel to notion template is easy. That’s a passive acitivity. That’s less energy.

You can think of your service charge in terms of this.

Am I operating on data which is generated or transformed.

Transforming data is more leveraged than generating data.

  • Transforming from notion to a website is easy, than generating a website from scratch.

  • Transforming excel to notion is easy, than creating templates which user need.

  • Transforming from notion to obsidian is easy, than creating a obsidian framework.

Data that is transformed already has a user data fit (UDF). User data fit is data that user needs.

User data fit - UDF, is the data that user needs.

Creating new content/data is not necesserily marked as user data fit.

It has to be iterated towards making sure the data is user data fit.

So is your app working on something which is User data fit ?