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Can you think of time in bits and not seconds ?

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Do 50 years mean anything to you. No

Do 10 hours mean anything to you. No

Does 50gb mean anything to you. Yes yes yes.

Does 6kb mean anything to you. Yes

Do 3 minutes mean anything to you. No.

Does 50mb mean anything to you. Yes

Ready to wake up 2 hours late or early. Who cares.

Ready to download a file which will take 2 hours. I started the download now.

Time passes by, Information has to be passed by

I never valued time, neither will. I valued data, and surely will.


Time is like a finger pointing to the moon. If you look at the finger, you miss all the heavenly glory of the moon (data)

Every second that goes ungauged by the mind, is a bit worth of information untapped by your network interface.

See you can, the world through time, limited are your possibilities.

See the world through a lens of information, possibilities fountain unlimited.

In every second of your existence, a high manifold amount of bits can be entertaimed with. How much at any time do you engage with.

Time knows past and the present and the future. Information just knows.

The question is Do you want to live in derivatives or fundamentals ?

A bit can make up an organisms whole lifetime.

The question is how much bits you want to process in this lifetime.

Yeah, you can always shoot for quantity and say, I processed 40terra bits of information. Yeah. Xool.---- Fine Go ahead make that 80 tb.