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AI and the future of art and content creation

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Dall e 2 and future of art

So what I think is, Dall e 2 is just the beginning of how ai integrates with the frontier of art and entertainment together combined. There are lot of use cases in our capitalistic economy will list some points that I have in mind. There’s a new concept we introduce called prompt engineering, a set of methods and techniques to get tools such as Dall e 2/gpt 3 to spit out content as per the creators intent. The idea behind this is to use specific promts or keywords to get the desired content.

Initially in a couple of years as tools like Dall e 2 and gpt 3 get more market ready, designers and content creators alike will use these tools in multivariate ways from design generation to brainstorming to design hypothesis. These tools will give an initial headstart while creating art, 3d models, stories, plays, scripts etc.

To stretch the idea more further, I believe in the future book authors, movie creators designers use these tools to leverage their content creation process. I will speak with an example in mind. So let’s take an author wants to write a book. In the next 10-20 years, the author can tell the content creation tool about the theme, plot and characters types about the novel. Then the tool will generate a rough draft, then the author according to their liking modify the segments in the story. Like the author can tell modify the first two chapter to focus more on violence and romance. Then the tool will modify add depth to the story in accordance to the author’s input, all of this takes place dynamically.

From here on all forms of content around the book can be developed, like based on story script, tools like dall e 2 can create book cover arts, movie stills, video clips or 3d stills for games. From text to images to videos. All can be created on fly by various teams involved in the project. The above example was for creating a book, this applies to 3d model design generation, website design creation, animation.

For the discussion we limit the scope of the discussion to art from tools like dall e 2, there are implication and applications for other fields as well.